Some Of Our Projects
  1. Showroom at HobKnob Hardware Sales
    Showroom at HobKnob Hardware Sales
    This is a Taupe base color with brown flake mix & clear epoxy top coat. It has 1/4" Rustic brown grout lines.
  2. Customer Garage
    Customer Garage
    This is a Gray base coat with White, Grey, Black & Burgundy Flakes & Clear epoxy top coat.
  3. Customer Garage
    Customer Garage
    Taupe Colored base coat w/ brown flake mix & clear coat.
  4. Customer Pergola
    Customer Pergola
    Customer Pergola designed & installed by Garage & Patio Etc.
  5. Customer Garage/Workroom
    Customer Garage/Workroom
    This is a taupe base coat with Brown, Tan, Olive & Cream Flakes w/clear topcoat. Grout lines were 3/8" Olive.
  6. Customer Garage
    Customer Garage
    This Garage was a clear coat w/ nonslip.
  7. Customer Garage
    Customer Garage
    Metallic Epoxy with Non-Skid.
  8. Customer Dance Floor
    Customer Dance Floor
    Dolphin Metallic Epoxy Floor. This floor will be used to practice ballroom dancing.
  9. Customer Garage
    Customer Garage
    Grey Epoxy with grey, light grey, white, and black flakes. This is a medium broadcast of flakes.
  10. Customer Garage
    Customer Garage
    Beige Epoxy with earth tone flakes.
  11. Customer Floor
    Customer Floor
    Brown Metallic Epoxy
  12. Customer Floor
    Customer Floor
    Earth tone flakes. Solid broadcast of flakes.
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